Globalfoundries Emerges From The Shad...


At the Globalfoundries Technology Conference, the company announced a new 7nm process technology and the availability of embedded magnetoresistive random access memory (referred to as eMRAM) for the company’s fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) process referred to as FDX. But more importantly, Globalfoundries appears to be stepping out of the shadow of its foundry partner. (full article)

Qualcomm’s IoT Challenge –...


We are on the cusp of a connected world filled with intelligent and connected electronic devices called the Internet of Things (IoT). To see how rapid this world is approaching, you need to look no further than a recent inventor challenge by Qualcomm called the “Invent-off.” (full article)

New Opportunities – Virtual And...

new AR VR segment 2x2 rework 3

The terms “virtual reality” and “augmented reality” are being used for too many product categories. A new segmentation must include 360° cameras, Pokemon Go, Oculus Rift and beyond to Microsoft’s HoloLens. This is an overview of TIRIAS Research’s high-level digital realities market segmentation. (full article)

What Data Center Vendors Must Know Ab...

TIP logo

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) based on Open Compute Platform (OCP), OpenStack and influenced by the Facebook-organized Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), are gaining momentum from carriers and a wide array of vendors. The efforts are driven by the promise of scale, speed of feature development, and lower cost. (full article)

SoftBank Gives A Shot In The ARM (For...


Just when we thought all the large semiconductor acquisitions were over, SoftBank announces a proposed acquisition of ARM for US$32.4 billion. ARM has a broader reach than any other company in the semiconductor industry. But, of all the companies that could acquire ARM, is SoftBank the right company? (full article)

HPC Flows Into Hyperscale With Dell T...

Dell Triton heat exchanger (2)

Dell recently unveiled its datacenter liquid cooling technology under the codename of Triton. Dell’s Extreme Scale Infrastructure team originally designed and developed Triton as a proof of concept for eBay, leveraging Dell’s existing rack-scale infrastructure. (full article)

360-Degree Photos and Video Will Move...

video frame raw

Facebook jumped into 360° media last month and made posting these new formats almost as easy as posting normal photos and video. Why is this a really big deal? How can content creators participate? What are some of the challenges? (full article)

AMD Radeon RX 480 Is Reason To Buy Mi...

DSC07886 (2)

AMD’s Radeon RX 480 once again offers a compelling reason to own a desktop PC for those interested in a wide range of applications ranging from photo and video editing to gaming to VR, and for a reasonable cost. (full article)

Columbus Wins The Smart City Challeng...


On June 23, Anthony Foxx, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), announced that Columbus, Ohio is the winning city in the Smart City Challenge. As a result, Columbus will be the beneficiary of $50 million in grants and support from high-tech industry sponsors. (full article)

Dell Accelerates the Business of HPC ...

Dell HPC Innovation Lab square

This paper is first of a series that will describe Dell’s high performance computing (HPC) initiatives and product strategy. The focus in this paper is Dell’s HPC System for Research, which enables Dell to understand and serve academic and research institutions that run a multitude of workloads. (full report)

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