Dell Accelerates the Business of HPC ...

Dell HPC Innovation Lab square

This paper is first of a series that will describe Dell’s high performance computing (HPC) initiatives and product strategy. The focus in this paper is Dell’s HPC System for Research, which enables Dell to understand and serve academic and research institutions that run a multitude of workloads. (full report)

AfterMaster And ON Semi Put Voice Fro...

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Voices can easily be drowned out in modern special-effects-laden entertainment and noisy office, urban and worksite environments. But bigger speakers and a better amplifier won’t improve muddy vocals; they will only make it more apparent that the vocals are muddy. ON Semiconductor and Aftermaster collaborated to clarify voice for any audio source. (full article)

Diversity Comes to Hot Chips (EE Time...


Hot Chips is the definitive high-performance chip conference. The conference has been changing over the last few years, much like the chip industry itself, and the program is moving far beyond fast processors for server and PCs and now includes more presentations on graphics, interconnects, ultra-low power, and sensing chips. (full article)

Google Builds Its First Chip Just For...


Google announced it is building its own chip for machine learning (ML). The Google chip is designed to work with Google TensorFlow language and is called the Google Tensor Processing Unit TPU). Here’s what we know so far and what Google has not yet revealed. (full article)

IoT Service Platforms: Some Assembly ...

IIoT high level

This paper is an introduction to designing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for designers and manufacturers of consumer major appliances, as well as light industrial applications. Readers will learn about emerging IoT service platforms that simplify IoT product and service development and shorten the time it takes to get to market. (full report)

Smart Cities Appear Closer Too —...


NXP and the US Department of Transportation announced the use of NXP’s long-range, secure private RFID tagging for the Smart City Challenge. The winning city will receive up to $40 million and support from NXP to build the most advanced city infrastructure in the US. (full article)

Is the Mid-Range Smartphone a Comprom...


Despite the slowing growth of the smartphone market, innovation in smartphones is not dead. Display resolutions, camera image resolutions, audio quality, and graphics processing all continue to improve the user experience, but the improvements tend to be more incremental. This begs the question: what level phone should you buy? (full article)

Autonomous Driving Technology At NXP&...


With all the hype surrounding autonomous or self-driving cars, you’d think it was right around the corner. Well, you’d be right. The technology to build a self-driving car is here and is being demonstrated at their FTF Technology Forum in Austin this week using components NXP is already shipping. (full article)

IoT Becomes Reality at NXP FTF Techno...


Although there seem to be more IoT conferences than potential attendees, FTF is the IoT conference for engineers. Unlike many other industry events, FTF is about the technology that goes into creating practical IoT applications. And, the new NXP has all the major building blocks for IoT applications. (full article)

The Right Way To Do A Merger: The New...


Recent announcements about restructurings, divestitures, and layoffs by leading semiconductor companies are showing the impact from the wave of merger mania that struck the industry in 2015. However, one of the large mergers that setoff that wave, NXP and Freescale, appears to doing better than many others. (full article)

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