IoT Service Platforms: Some Assembly ...

IIoT high level

This paper is an introduction to designing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for designers and manufacturers of consumer major appliances, as well as light industrial applications. Readers will learn about emerging IoT service platforms that simplify IoT product and service development and shorten the time it takes to get to market. (full report)

Private Cloud Matures With Certified ...

OpenStack button slide DSC07833

The biggest news coming out of OpenStack Summit this week is the announcement of the OpenStack Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) training and certification. COA is a huge step forward to support enterprise adoption of OpenStack for private cloud deployments. The first batch of COAs were certified just before the summit. (full article)

AMD Fuels the Fire for Chinese Server...


In a surprise announcement with the company’s earnings, AMD announced that its broader intellectual property (IP) licensing strategy is gaining momentum with the licensing of modern x86-64 server CPU and related SoC technologies to a Chinese joint venture THATIC, an investment consortium led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. (full article)

Google Teams With Rackspace, Has Clou...

DSC03335 square

Google and Rackspace announced that they will co-develop a next generation IBM POWER9 processor based OpenPOWER server designed into an Open Compute Project (OCP) form factor. The server is code named “Zaius” and is a dual-processor design. (full article)

NVIDIA Reinvents The GPU For Artifici...


At a time when PCs have become rather boring and the market has stagnated, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has become more interesting and not for what it has traditionally done (graphical user interface), but for what it can enable going forward – artificial Intelligence (AI). (full article)

Oculus Has Plans For Augmented Realit...

SV Comic Con Lucky Palmer Interview SQR

While their first consumer “Rift” virtual reality (VR) headsets are now shipping, at the recent San Jose Comic Con, there were hints Oculus has plans beyond VR. Oculus (owned by Facebook) founder and CEO Palmer Luckey hinted that the company will eventually include augmented reality (AR). (full article)

SXSW Says VR Coming At Us Like A Trai...


At SXSW’s VR/AR track a couple of weeks ago, the discussion centered on the storytelling impact of new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. AR and VR storytelling will be in an emerging phase for the next 5-10 years; after that AR and VR are going to take over the content world. (full […]

A Beginner’s Field Guide To Aug...

ar-vr article cover

The term virtual reality (VR) was first applied to computers and programmed environments in the 1960s and then popularized in the 1980s. Recent technical advances have created new potential for VR techniques in the fields of augmented reality (AR) and very recently, mixed reality (MR).  (Full article)

Open Compute Project at Five: Time to...

OCP at Five

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is in a position to define hardware interoperability standards that will accelerate adoption of private cloud infrastructure, especially by service providers and smaller organizations. We applaud OCP’s first firm steps down that path by defining logo certification requirements. However, OCP must quickly move to create an interoperability certification process. (full […]

CES 2016: The TIRIAS Research Report ...

CES 2016 [photo:  TIRIAS Research]

TIRIAS Research’s analysts write about the topics and products that stood out at CES 2016. CES has evolved over the years – adding new categories such as automotive, placing it at the cutting edge of consumer technology. Automotive, drones, 3D printers, connected health, home automation, and virtual reality all had specific assigned areas. (full report)

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