Google Project Fi Means More than Low...

The introduction of Google’s new wireless services has been critically compared against service offerings from the other wireless carriers, but the real value is not in what it offers today, but what likely changes it will bring in the future to the wireless industry. The US wireless industry is dominated by a select few carriers. While most [...]

MediaTek Lands First LTE US Design Wi...

Alcatel lands T-Mobile with the new POP Astro LTE phone, but it’s not the phone that is the big news. The big news is that this is the first LTE phone in the US using a MediaTek LTE chipset. Despite MediaTek’s success in emerging markets for both 3G and 4G phones, this is its first LTE phone in the US market. The Alcatel POP Astro uses the MT [...]

Microsoft Courts Developers with Wind...

Build Keynote
At the company’s annual Build developer’s conference, Microsoft continued its prolonged introduction to the Windows 10 operating System (OS). As previously reported, Microsoft plans to scale the operating system (OS) from the smallest embedded platforms, like the Raspberry Pi development platform, through PCs, essentially covering the entire [...]

NVIDIA Digs Deep in New Strategy

While NVIDIA’s business strategy continues to evolve, the company’s seemingly unrelated efforts in new markets and applications all appear to come together under “deep learning,” the dominant theme of this year’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC). As presented by NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the massive amounts of data available through a growi [...]

HSA – One Step Closer to Realit...

Almost three years after the announcement of the formation of the Heterogeneous Architecture System (HSA) Foundation was announced, HSA is finally close to become a reality with the release of the HSA 1.0 specification and related documentation and the upcoming release of the Carrizo platform from AMD. The HSA was formed by a diverse group of [...]

CES Unveiled – Everything Conne...

20150104_170216 - Copy
CES officially kicked off Sunday night with CES Unveiled, a mini tradeshow for vendors to highlight their most significant products for the press and industry analysts ahead of the actual show. Despite being held in a relatively small hotel ballroom, three hours was not enough time to talk to every vendor. However, the event does provide a pr [...]

2015 CES Preview

Just as the high-tech industry has shifted from being PC-centric, so too has the massive International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is set to kick-off 2015 in Las Vegas. The success of CES has been that it continues to morph to track the technologies and trends that define our industry and impact our lives. Unlike previous years where [...]

Living With The Microsoft Band

We’re still in the very early stages of fitness wearable technology in general and the Microsoft Band product is certainly an example of something that is still a work in progress. As version 1.0 of a Microsoft fitness product, my experience with the Band indicated that the company has done a reasonably good job in its first attempt, bu [...]

Reviewing NVIDIA’s Shield Table...

NVIDIA's Shield Tablet and Shield Portable
NVIDIA recently released its new Shield Tablet and Shield Wireless Controller. Previously, the company had released its original Shield Android gaming console, now renamed Shield Portable. The Shield product line is the company’s to deliver a portable gaming experience to its user base. While the product can run Android games and other apps [...]

Will Apple Watch Win the Wrist Wars?

Apple Watch gold Edition
  At the Apple Event on September 9 there was “one more thing,” which turned out to be the long-rumored Apple Watch. It wasn’t called the iWatch as had been expected, but otherwise it matched the rumors.  This was Tim Cook’s first completely new product category release and he made the most of it. There are three levels of fit and finis [...]