The Future Human Machine Interface

TIRIAS Research has published a new white paper, The First Billion Users: Powering Virtual Reality with Advanced Video Encoding & Rendering sponsored by NGCodecTIRIAS Research believes cloud VR is the only viable path to delivering virtual reality to the first billion users. In the mobile cloud VR paradigm, powerful cloud edge servers stream VR experiences to mobile clients using low latency video transfer on Wi-Fi and upcoming 5G wireless networks. Achieving a sub-20 ms motion-to-photon latency for VR, with the insertion of actively encoded video between the server and client, requires a new, high performance video encode to decode pathway. The NGCodec team has spent the last ten years developing such a solution, demonstrating high quality, ultra-low latency streaming of PC class VR experiences to thin, network based clients using 250:1 compression. The NGCodec solution delivers sub-10 ms latency driving 2K+ horizontal resolution on the HTC® VIVE and Oculus® Rift, and is targeting sub-5 ms latency for future 8K resolution systems.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are poised to supplant all existing screens and deliver all-digital experiences. Emerging systems demand state of the art developments in semiconductors, display technology, and human computer interaction.

The TIRIAS Research AR/VR Practice employs a forward-looking framework for forecasting the evolution of AR/VR systems and experiences. We segment the field of emerging systems into tiers, tracking performance, capability, and user experiences by tier. We also look at intersections with adjacent technologies including machine learning, computer graphics, and computer vision to predict major inflection points that shape market transformation. Expert in understanding the market and technical challenges, TIRIAS Research provides direct support to teams seeking strategy guidance for technology investment, product development, and go-to-market.

TIRIAS Research AR/VR Practice Lead: Simon Solotko, Senior Analyst