Machine Learning

The TIRIAS Research Machine Learning Service looks at the full Machine Learning (ML) stack.

  • How are businesses using machine learning to solve problems?
  • What are the architectures of the systems used to address those problems?
  • What must component manufacturers look at from a performance standpoint to support the systems?

Deliverables include reports and presentations to assist clients in understanding the direction and focus needed to plan for the growth of machine learning as a business practice.

TIRIAS Research Machine Learning Practice Lead: David Teich, Senior Analyst


1/15/18 – This is the first report in the new TIRIAS Research Machine Learning service. Machine learning (ML) is beginning to have a major impact on the technology sector. Infrastructure to applications are being designed to leverage the benefits of machine learning. But what is machine learning? This first report seeks to address that question by providing an overview of ML today. It will describe the stack, from business need, through software and algorithms, to the infrastructure and chips needed to support a new way of processing information. In conjunction with the report, we are offering 30 minutes of consulting time with David Teich, the Senior Analyst for the service to discuss the service and answer questions about machine learning, the market, and the outlook. Report Price: US$400.00

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