Quantum Computing

Research and analysis about Quantum Computing technology and commercialization from TIRIAS Research

TIRIAS Research’s Quantum Computing service covers organizations developing Quantum Computing technologies and products, as well as the state of research, development, and commercialization of quantum-based compute acceleration. Syndicated reports describe and anticipate Quantum Computing hardware, software, and ecosystem evolution. The forecast horizon is 15-20 years.

Quantum Computing is highly technical, and commercialization is dependent on scientific breakthroughs. It is a practical application of quantum physics using individual subatomic particles at sub-Kelvin temperatures as compute elements. It presents many research and development challenges, but the potential payoff is orders-of-magnitude faster compute acceleration for specific types of problems. Faster compute acceleration should help drive better business outcomes. The first sets of commercial applications are being demonstrated at small scale now, but large scale commercialization via cloud services or appliances are at least a decade away. Specialized applications could be viable sooner. A key challenge is enabling average programmers to access Quantum Computing accelerators to solve useful problems.

Announcements, promises, and claims are coming rapidly. Stakeholders are finding it hard to separate the competitive signal from noise. TIRIAS Research offers deep insight into the importance of technical breakthroughs and the problem sets they might accelerate, specifically:

  • Organizations participating: research, development, hardware, software, commercial, academic, investors, etc.
  • Technologies and their state of readiness for commercialization (or not)
  • Problem sets each technology could address (or not)
  • Ecosystem development for each technology, and for the industry in general
  • Comparative advantage for all of the above
  • Potential business benefits

There is affinity between Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL). The TIRIAS Research Quantum Computing research and analysis service explores the motivation behind industry investment, including IBM, NTT, Intel, and cloud giants Microsoft, Google, Baidu, and Tencent. Startups are also flourishing given the early state of both Quantum Computing theory and R&D investment, such as 1Qbit, Cambridge Quantum, D-Wave, ID Quantique, IonQ, QC Ware, QuTech, QxBranch, and Rigetti.

TIRIAS Research Quantum Computing Practice Lead: Paul Teich, Principal Analyst