Providing custom research and advisory services
on technologies, markets, and ecosystems

Providing custom research and advisory services
on technologies, markets and ecosystems.

High-tech Experts

High-tech Experts

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Principal Analysts with engineering backgrounds, each with over 27 years of technical and technology business experience

Advisory Services

Trusted advisers to technology industry leaders on corporate strategies, product strategies, and messaging

Research & Analysis

Research targeting the major industry issues, trends, and inflection points with actionable recommendations to succeed

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Linux Insider

“This looks like a great way to deliver inference regardless of which framework generated a model.”

– Paul Teich 11/25/17


“…we believe that Cavium’s success in the server processor market might throw a wrench into the deal.”

– Paul Teich 11/21/17

The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Qualcomm invests in stuff that doesn’t have to be profitable for a while. Whereas Broadcom is super good at cutting costs and being a financially driven company.”

– Jim McGregor 11/20/17

E-Commerce Times

“Google isn’t the only company aiming at this market and the new search tools are similar to features available on other work-related sites and services.”

– Kevin Krewell 11/16/17


EE Times

“I can see this for something like industrial automation, robotic control, and other applications that are slowly migrating up the performance stack or a low-end control application that requires a graphics applications.”

– Jim McGregor 10/24/17

Tech News World

“Apple and Samsung have both had major product defects and survived. I’m sure Google will survive a product setback.”

– Jim McGregor 10/24/17

Linux Insider

“The critical issues for deep learning are verification and transparency — and is the training replicable?”

– Paul Teich 10/23/17


“Change is born from innovation, and great, disruptive change comes from the intersection of multiple innovations.”

– Simon Solotko 10/19/17

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